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HIDemyass VPN — A Closer Appear

HIDemyass is definitely a powerful Cpanel firewall that provides you total control over your network. It gives you complete anonymity while searching on the internet and can hide your IP address. The main feature on this program is the fact it integrates all necessary components to mask the real IP address and do other things on your behalf. To protect your privacy and keep cyber criminals at bay, HIDemyass is one of the best alternatives on the market today.

HIDemyass works with the most used web browsers which include Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Ie, and many more. It can be completely free to use and can be deemed more or less just like cPanel, only that HIDemyass is more advanced. You can use it in conjunction with the highly acclaimed Hidemyass Backup meant for better internet security. HIDemyass is also appropriate with most back up programs and web proxy servers to get better net privacy and protection.

HIDemyass also comes included with several useful features such as parent equipment, advanced profile management, IP changing, and a lot more. If you are using a classic version of HIDemyass, variant 2 . five, you can get the most recent patches and security advancements from the web-site. This will enable your web server to work with the latest software on the market. In addition to its great security features, HIDemyass also comes with a speed guide to help you accomplish top rates of speed on your Apache machine. Now there are many people who make use of this program daily, and they most swear by that.

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